Alan Wake DLC "The Signal" Now on Xbox Live

GameTyrantby Wejo

“The Signal,” DLC pack numero uno for Remedy’s Alan Wake, is now available via the Xbox Live Marketplace.  It serves as the seventh chapter of the original game.

In this latest chapter to the critically acclaimed psychological action thriller exclusive to Xbox 360, our favourite writer is in greater peril than ever before as the boundaries between reality and nightmare become disturbingly distorted. Threatening to overwhelm Alan’s mind, the nightmarish mysteries feel chillingly familiar. Keep your flashlight nearby as you get ready to follow “The Signal.”

Expect more twists, turns, and, according to early reports, product placement. Verizon apparently upped their sponsorship this time out as one character utters the phrase “Can you hear me now?” while speaking with the game’s protagonist on the phone. Trust me when I say the game’s quality outshines the pain of enduring an occasional in-game commercial.

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