Great Photo of Rainn Wilson as The Crimson Bolt in James Gunn's SUPER

Here is a great pic of Rainn Wilson all decked out in his superhero costume as The Crimson Bolt, in James Gunn's (Slither) upcoming superhero dark comedic film called Super. The film also stars Ellen PageNathan FillionLive Tyler, and Kevin Bacon. The movie looks like it should be pretty solid. 

The story centers on an average guy(Wilson) who takes on the pseudo-superhero alter ego of the Crimson Bolt, after watching his wife (Tyler) fall under the spell of a charming drug dealer. Lacking super powers, he compensates by swinging a trusty wrench.

One of our editors Ben P had this to say:

What separates Super from the rest is A) the phenomenal cast, which consists of Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fillion, and Michael Rooker, and B) the balance of real-world drama to the story mixed with what appears to be excessive violence. In the footage we were shown at the panel at Comic-Con 2010, Rainn Wilson's character - a down and out guy who resorts to dressing as a superhero to deal with his issues - beat the crap out of someone who cut in front of him in line at the movies. After asking the guy not to cut in line and receiving an F-bomb as an answer, Wilson gets out of line, goes to the trunk of his car, changes clothes comically in the backseat, and then emerges as The Crimson Bolt, armed with two wrenches. He walks straight up to the guy, and after the guy questions what he's doing since he could clearly see Wilson changing clothes in his car parked across the street, Wilson bashes his forehead in with a wrench, causing a huge panic from the people around him. Sounds dark, but it was really funny.

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