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"Smile for the Camera"As GeekTyrant walked the exhibition floor on the last day of San Diego Comic Con we came across this amazing artwork on a giant canvas bag. The bag rested on the shoulder of Brianna Garcia, who turned out to be the artist behind the funny picture. Everyone in our group loved the picture, especially Venkman (the proud father of 3 princess-loving girls). Brianna was extremely nice and after we returned to Los Angeles I've been showing the picture to anyone interested in anything Disney, plus many of Brianna's other cool illustrations. Everybody's loved it. Not only does she have cool artwork, she has put that talent onto shoes. Artwork on white canvas shoes has been done for quite some time, but this isn't your average shoe-doodling-with-Sharpies. Brianna's work is easily some of the best I've ever seen.

Brianna graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Animation and Visual Development from the University of San Francisco: Academy of Art. She is currently an Illustrator, Character Designer, and Artist at the Disneyland Resort. I picked out only a few of my favorite pictures, but Brianna has a couple of galleries online that are definitely worth checking out. So if you like the picture above, anything below, or Disney artwork in general, checkout Brianna Garcia's amazing work at DeviantArt and DaPortfolio. You're gonna love it! (I think I know what I'm getting Venkman's kids for Christmas now!)

"Jessica in Wonderland"

"The Owl and the Pussycat"

"Minnie Gaga"

"Portrait of a Psycho"

Hell yeah! It's "Goldilocks the Manatee"!!!

 Coolest nickname ever? "La Chupacabra" - Brianna's self-portrait.

 Checkout A LOT more of Brianna Garcia's amazing work at DeviantArt and DaPortfolio.



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