New Awesome Mondo Tees Star Wars Poster - FATHER: ENCOUNTER ON DAGOBAH

Check out this new Modo Tees officially licensed Star Wars Poster from Tomar Hanuka titled Father: Encounter on Dagobah. This is a limited addition print of only 250, each of them are hand numbered. The poster will go on sale on Thursday July 29th on the MondoTees website. These posters sell out fast so if you want it you gotta be quick.

Here's what Tomer Hanuka had to say about the poster design.


The central idea going into this image was depicting planet Dagobah itself as a portrait of Luke’s subconscious in it’s most interesting and unformed phase. In a nightmarish sequence, Luke runs into the mist where he thinks he saw Vader. Luke finds him and a lightsaber duel ends with Vader’s decapitation . The mask cracks open on the severed head, exposing the frozen face of a dead Luke Skywalker. The suggestion here is that somewhere within Luke’s psyche there is a potential for ultimate evil. Luke’s greatest challenge isn’t the Galactic Empire and it’s endless, faceless troopers, but the magnetism of the dark side; the seductive idea of choosing his own potential for power over everything else.

This poster design is so cool! What do you all think of the poster above?

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