THE GUILD Season 4 MUSIC VIDEO "Game on"


The Guild is a web series created by Felicia Day about a guild in a popular MMORPG. It's a hilarious series and it's just hit it's 4th season online! Along with the show they do fun little music videos and even did a cool Christmas video for their fans.

If you haven't see this show you should watch it! The episodes are short so it wont take you forever to watch all the seasons.

The video below is from their first music video "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" which was a great video and a very catchy song too!


Well now they have come out with a new music video called "Game On" and it has a bollywood theme! Enjoy! Here's the link!


 This is my fave web series out there so I hope you all like it! Just so I can get you all addicted to it too here's the first episode:



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