This Week in Comics, 07.28.2010

Ultimate greetings to you and your brethren, TWIC fans and GeekTyrants. Welcome to another installment of everyone's favorite lazy link dump as we delve into the vast and exciting realm of comic book news. After every comic book (or movie madness) convention, TWIC feels like it reboots itself, as many comic titles do. We feel refresh and wide-eyed to face another year or so of authors, artists and downright awesome stories in comic books today.

Did anyone happen to attend the Howard the Duck panel at SDCC? Oh, it was fantastic! Not only was Trehern guest speaker, but a cardboard cut-out of executive producer George Lucas was there. Guests also included Tim Robbins' stunt-double and Lea Thompson. We all had a great time and got thoroughly drunk long after the CCI doors were closed.

But here's news for those who don't care about my made-up stories...

-- It seems only best that one of the largest comic book companies takes the reigns on one of the most anticipated franchises of 2010. A TRON: Legacy prequel has been announced with MARVEL to publish. Each digital copy comes with a free light cycle and an official Jeff Bridges "Against All Odds" action figure! [MARVEL ANNOUNCES TRON: THE BETRAYAL]

-- Conan the Barbarian is a staff favorite here at GeekTyrant. Well... Usually, it's just me screaming about Conan news in the office while everyone annoyingly groans and Venkman silences me with a taser. I make sacrifices to bring you Conan news...never did consider that, did you? [
CCI: Paul Tobin on "Savage Sword"]

-- "The Rocketeer" came to theaters in 1991. I was only halfway to a goat's knee by that point, but remember liking the film. Of course, I also enjoyed holding my breath until I got dizzy and seeing how far I could jump out of trees. I'm no expert on a movie I saw 19 years ago, so for those of you keeping up with the Rocketeer's exploits, this news's just for you. Enjoy. [CCI: Dunbier on "The Rocketeer" Anthology]

-- I couldn't go a day without mentioning Green Lantern. He has been one of my favorite characters ever since I dipped my toe into the churning nexus I like to call "the world of comic books". Having said that, I REALLY hope they don't F up the character by making a turrible movie. The Lantern's history is so complex and expansive that a movie cannot contain everything. Alot will definitely go unexplained. At least we can take solace in the fact that comic books are treating the Corps well enough these days. [SDCC 2010: GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD EMPIRE]

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