Len Wiseman in Negotations to Direct TOTAL RECALL Remake

Len Wiseman’s resume is filled with a fair share of so-so action films. He wrote several of the Underworld films and directed two of them, helmed the underappreciated Live Free or Die Hard, and has been tasked with bringing the Xbox 360 hit Gears of War to the big screen. Reports are circulating across the WWW today that he may have yet another daunting task on his hands – directing a Total Recall remake.

Total Recall, for those too young to remember, was a film released in 1990 loosely based on “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale,” a short-story authored by Phillip K. Dick. The new film, written by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium), will reportedly be a “contemporized adaptation.”

Haters may hate, but I’m honestly looking forward to this. I’m a big fan of the original Total Recall and would love to see the story re-told with up-to-date effects. While another director would likely make it more interesting, Wiseman should be more than capable of making an entertaining film with a strong enough script.  

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