Marvel's Stephen Wacker Launches Spider-Office Blog

Comic Bookby Wejo


Marvel’s Senior Editor Stephen Wacker is attempting to educate the world on the “secret history of Spider-Man fans” with the freshly launched Spider-Office Blog. He will publish notable missives sent to Spider-Man books throughout their history on the site. The first entry, written by comic scribe Kurt Busiek in the 70s, contains advice for Marvel on how to “fix” Spidey.

“The one thing that’s great about Marvel fans is that there’s nothing they won’t argue about,” said Wacker. “That kind of dedication and love is the reason our characters resonate with so many readers. So for everyone who thinks debate and controversy and over our favorite wall-crawler is something new, you may be surprised to find out that Marvel’s been screwing Spidey up from #1!”

If you’re interested in delving into the world of fanboys and fangirls throughout history, be sure to stop by the blog.

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