"Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pastry box"

How many of you out there have seen Charles Band's and his Full Moon Feature's Gingerdead Man starring Gary Busey? Well if you haven't you need to so you can watch Gingerdead Man 2 :The Passion of the Crust and the upcoming Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Right now let's focus on the Passion of the Crust which is the  evident sequel to Gingerdead Man.

Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust is as much fun as you could expect from a Full Moon movie. Watching each victim (this time on a movie set) get stalked down and killed by this killer cookie is just laughable yet still enjoyable to the point it just draws you in.  The effects are what you would expect but to me that makes it more enjoyable and cheesy and we all love our cheesy horror!

Charles Band has delivers another cult classic and with a name like this is just icing on the cake, or um cookie. The film is directed by Sylvia St. Croix with a script by Muffy Bolding and William Butler and stars K-Von, Kelsey Sanders, Joseph Porter, Frank Nicotero, Bruce Dent and Jacob Witkin.

Bottom line is if you want to watch a fun, gory and cheesy horror movie you can never go wrong with a Full Moon Features movie and especially with Gingerdead Man 2:The Psssion of the Crust so go rent it or buy it today! I grew up watching these Full Moon movies and I still love them to this day!


The horrifying yet delicious and chewy Gingerdead Man causes murder and mayhem on the set of a horrible low budget movie set. It will take the determination of the studio's young new owner to save both his company and well as the lives of his young new friends. Including a terminally ill young boy whose final wish it was to meet the studios stars - The Tiny Terrors.

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