Liam Neeson No Longer Attached to Steven Spielberg's LINCOLN Biopic

Steven Speilberg's Abraham Lincoln biopic is a film I've been looking forward to seeing since I first heard Spielberg wanted to make it. He's been talking about it for years, and he's said that he would finally start working on the film soon, but not soon enough for Liam Neeson who's been attached to the project to play Lincoln, since 2005!

Neeson is the perfect actor to take on the role of the 16th president of the United States, but now it looks like we'll never see it happen because he's finally left the project. He feels that he's now too old portray Lincoln. Here's what he said in a recent interview,

I'm not actually playing Lincoln now. I was attached to it for a while, but it's now I'm past my sell-by date.

I'm disappointed we wont be seeing Neeson in this role, but he will be playing another U.S. president in an upcoming film! He's set to play President Lyndon B. Johnson in Lee Daniels's civil rights drama Selma.

Now the question is, if Spielberg actually finally gets around to making his Lincoln biopic, who do you think could take on the role of Abraham Lincoln?

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