TRON: LEGACY Producer Explains Certain Aspects of the New Trailer

I'm sure you've all seen the new trailer for Tron: Legacy by now, if not get your ass in gear and watch it now! This trailer was pretty freakin' incredible, and it got us all crazy excited for the movie. io9 recently interviewed the films producer Sean Bailey and he gave a nice little break down of the trailer and explains what certain aspects of it means. I've provided a few things that he revealed to the site, but make sure to head on over to io9 to read the full article, it's pretty good stuff.

How important are the identity disks people wear on their backs? They seem pretty important.

I'm glad, I'm glad [you noticed]. They are really important in the plot of the movie. They are really important to what happens and what they mean and what they ultimately come to represent. We do view it as the characters in this movie, it's ultimately their soul. It's what has everything about them. So the idea that you can be separated from that is an interesting thing. Part of the reason we picked the piece we did was to showcase this is where he [Sam] gets his disc, this is where he is armed for the the world he's about to experience.

Olivia Wilde's character Quorra, what's her relationship with Flynn?

She's his confidant. She's kind of the one person in the world who's been around him for a while now. And her character has a lot of surprises in store. So she's the one character we don't talk a lot about. She is a wonderful vivacious ass-kicking addition to this world.

Is there a romantic relationship between these two?

It's not a romantic relationship. It's a little more of an apprentice-type relationship.

The battle scars that were shown, they were pretty violent looking. There was one character whose face was half digitized away. I'm curious was that a battle scar, a game scar, was it self inflicted samurai style? And how horrific is this movie going to get?

That was a battle scar. We envisioned that, that was something that happened to him while traveling throughout the world. It's wasn't quite derezzing — which you also saw in the piece when the disc goes through [one character] and the guy breaks into cubes of glass. We wanted the movie to feel very visceral and real, and when you get hit you feel it. There's no blood in our movie. The wounds are digital wounds, but we wanted them to feel very very strong.

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