Must Watch Action-Packed Video - CARDBOARD WARFARE

Hey Gang! I got a pretty awesome little video here to show you! It's called Cardbaord Warfare, and this action-packed short film was made using cardboard weaponry. Here's a note from the filmmakers telling us what went into making the movie.

This took about a month and a half of planning, making cardboard guns, filming, and editing. Sound, effects, editing, and filming by Clinton Jones, aka, pwnisher.

To make this video you need:

- 254 program crashes
- 427 manual frames to rotoscope
- 59 layers of sound effects
- a BUTTLOAD of cardboard and box cutters
- and a katamar

254 program crashes!? Maybe they should try using a MAC next time around. This is a very well made and imaginative film that I know you're gonna have a blast watching. Check it out below and tell us what ya think!

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