TITANIC 3D Re-release Confirmed for April 2012

We've been hearing about James Cameron's unnecessary Titanic 3D conversion for awhile. Now it looks like we have actual confirmation of a release date of the film.

We already knew Cameron wanted to re-release the film in the spring of 2012 to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the sailing of the ship, which makes perfect sense. The LA Times has now confirmed what Cameron has already stated. The 3D conversion of Titanic will end up being released in April 2012 around the same time that the ship sunk. 

With all the trash talk Cameron has done on the 3D conversion process, I'm not sure why he's moved forward with converting Titanc into 3D. But it's done, and it's being released. The question is will pay pay the money to see it in 3D?

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