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From Darkrider Studios we have its first full-length offering called Lethal Obsesson. Lethal Obession is directed by Jason Hignite and Chris Jay.

Lethal Obsession is a dark ride about an erotic webcam business owner and her dancers being killed off one by one. Meet heartless Elizabeth Waters (Kitsie Duncan) who runs and one by one her erotic webcam girls are being murdered by a killer who is wearing a Kabuki-style mask all painted up with their body all covered up/robed up so you can never tell if it's a male or female killing these girls. The catch here is all of these killings are happening while each girl is online.  Creative gore style baby!

Enter Detectives Dennett (Brad Mills) and Stevens (Kevin Stich) who follow these murders but one has had a hard time  dealing with the mental issues of these kind of horrible crimes due to his scarred past. So this is a cool sub-plot of what is already going on with this film, from the first "Scream like cameo kill" with Memphis (Memphis Monroe) and it just continues through the film.

As the film moved along it really satisified me with the mystery of who the killer could be, yes it keeps you guessing until the very end! It really delivers on inventive and gory kills, especially this one particular scene that has something to do with one of the girls toes, that's all I'm going to say people, you have to see this "Saw inspired" scene! Oh and the "Shocker" scene, let's don't forget that one! The ending is a total twist and surprise and that's all I'll spill on it.

All in all Lethal Obsession's story  has delivered on all cylinders! It's acting is good and has plenty of recognizable actors and actresses to also gather your curiosity to see what's going on with this film including a special appearance by Marv Blauvelt. It's body count will satisfy any horror movie fan and has plenty of blood, guts,gore, skin and also a little surprise.

Another great part of Lethal Obsession is the music!  The music in this film fits each scene perfectly, slow moments have slow music and when it speeds up especially during the killing scenes we are head banging and I love it!

Now, what's the coolest about Lethal Obession is this is a full out indie film people, there's no big Hollyweird budget here! This film was made by some people who love this genre and has a lot of heart and the end product came out fantastic! Sure it has a few flaws but what doesn't, to me the main flaw was the short run time of only 69 minutes. Hell, I found myself wanting the movie to keep going! That's a true sign of when a movie has you drawn in people and this one had my attention!

I highly recommend Lethal Obsession to any hardcore horror fan, this little indie gem doesn't disappoint! Good job Team Darkrider, i can't wait to see what you do next!

Lethal Obsession is now available on DVD. Click HERE  or anywhere Lethal Obsession is mentioned in this review to purchase it along with the digital download!

Special Features:

  • Trailers for Lethal Obsession
  • Bloopers
  • Behind the Scenes 1st Shoot
  • Drinking Games
  • Alternate Ending
  • Bonus Shorts and Trailers

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