WETA Will Be Working on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Peter Jackson's special effects company WETA has announced that they will be working on George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road and the recently announced second film Mad Max: Furiosa. So we know that the effects for the film are going to be top notch. 

Here's WETA's official statement:

We’re thrilled to announce our involvement with Mad Max: Fury Road, a long-awaited continuation of the Mad Max suite, the last installment of which, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, premiered 25 years ago. As with previous Mad Max movies, George Miller is the director and Weta is very excited to be working with George on conceptual design, Specialty Make-Up FX, Costume and Dummies. The movie is currently scheduled for a 2012 release. 

Now apparently the addition of this second Mad Max film Furiosa, will delay the films going into production. I figured something like that would happen. It's no big deal, there's just a lot more planning and scripting to do. They'll be shooting these two film back to back, and they gotta be prepared. So apparently the movies won't be shooting until February of next year, to that I say... oh well, at least they're getting made. The Austrailian reports:

Cast, crew, agents and film service companies are awaiting official confirmation this week…The reason for the postponement is unknown, although recent internet reports indicate that director George Miller is overseeing the shooting of not one but two Mad Max films from the same production. It is believed this development has caused some screenwriting and casting problems…The office of the film’s production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell, would not confirm or deny the postponement from an expected November start date to next year.

Who knows if this delay news is even true or not, films are delayed all the time so it's not like it's a big deal if it is or isn't. Either way, somewhere down the line in the near future we'll be watching these films up on the big screen. The big news here is that WETA will be working on the effects for the film, which is awesome!

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