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Welcome back, GeekTyrants. We're rockin' hard and heavy (note: I don't know what that means) this week, so subscribe to us on iTunes, kick back in your lounge chairs, and pretend that this weekend is another holiday weekend because we've got enough content to make you forget about work altogether...hopefully.

Listen as Dr. Venkman, Mazer, P. Vader, Bob Neek, and Ben P. briefly discuss the latest edition of the Twilight Saga, delve into the generational gap caused by Close Encounters of the Third Kind, sing the praises of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption, question James Cameron's plan of releasing Titanic in 3D in 2012, ponder a Bioshock film with a "hard R" rating, squabble about the newly released Conan pictures, and lament the (hopefully temporary) loss of the James Bond franchise at MGM.

Please note: we get into spoilers with our discussion of Close Encounters, and discount Ben P.'s assertion that Walton Goggins was in The Wire - he wasn't.

Box Office Numbers

This Past Weekend - 06:30

This Week in Box Office History: 2005 - 07:40


Eclipse - 11:55

Red Dead Redemption - 18:52

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (SPOILERS) - 25:50

Geek News

Titanic 3D release set for 2012 - 41:35

Bioshock film to receive "hard R" rating? - 45:20

New Conan (the Barbarian, not the talk show host) photos - 49:25

Bond 23 is done at MGM - 57:25

Coming Soon

Despicable Me - 01:02:20

Predators - 01:03:47

GeekTyrant Update Launches! New Store! - 01:06:10


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