This Week in Comics, 07.07.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Welcome TWIC readers and GeekTyrants alike! It's quite an exciting week here at you humble and informative comic book news article. I got mentioned FOR THE FIRST TIME in the weekly GeekTyrant Podcast. If you haven't checked it out in a while (or new to the concept of a "podcast"), I suggest you check it out.

As for Trehern, well, I've been taking a few weeks off because the summer is my busiest season. The girls aren't going to shoot down themselves! ONTO THE NEWS!

-- Uh, I guess they cast this guy as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. When I first heard the news today, I was all like "Hmm..." and then I was all like "well.." and then finally I said "hrmph..." Expect the same kind of intense and introspective dialogue from this movie. Unrealistically slated for July 3, 2012. [Andrew Garfield Cast As The New Spider-Man]

-- I let the upcoming buzz of Batman:Odyssey slip by me, and I'm kind of ashamed of myself. Neal Adams returns to Batman by writing and drawing this soon to be instant classic. Just take it from me, I'm a great judge of character. [PREVIEW: "Batman: Odyssey" #1]

-- You've seen me rant on Dynamite Entertainment and their monument-worthy advertising campaing with Green Hornet. Well, now they're hinting at a Jack Kirby project. Sorry guys, you're a little late to the trigger, unless you plan on having his lawyers write the damn thing. [Dynamite Teases New Kirby-themed Project]

-- I saw "vampires" and "mafia" and thought Grand Theft Auto in yah. You're welcome. [Artist Tommy Lee Edwards' TURF Wrought with Vampires, Mafia]

-- Remember how I said the world was FREAKING out about Superman #700? Remember?!? Well, now they are forcing the new Wonder Woman costume down our throats, and we're suppose to be all, "Hey, that looks great Jim Lee. Thanks for a great design that they'll change in two months! You're huge-ass check is in the mail." Wonder Woman just needs to be replaced by Power Girl. Trehern approved. [A few links of note for Friday: Wonder Woman]

Hitting Shelves This Week In...

TWIC Picks: Brightest Day: The Atom Special #1 and Batman: Odyssey #1 (NOTE: Comics come out on Thursday this week!)

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