Daniel Craig And Sam Mendes Say They Will Wait For JAMES BOND

Just as MGM dropped the bomb recently that it had to put the next James Bond on the shelf because of money woes. Daniel Craig has come out to say that he'll wait for James Bond to fire back up. So in the meantime Craig along with Bond 23 director Sam Mendes will both take on other projects until MGM works out it's money/pre-bankruptcy situation/problems.

On a side note, Fox, Sony and WB are all circling like vultures to grab up the 007 franchise but MGM will not let go. They have mishandled their properites and finally realize they have got to get something out there for the audience. MGM has the James Bond franchise and also the rights to The Hobbit for now and even has Peter Jackson on board but he's not going to wait forever. Long story short on the money situation, Danjaq owns MGM and Eon who owns the 007 franchise is a subsidiary of Danjq. Are you confused yet? Thes guys need money but yet have some moeny but are scared to release any project they have on the shelf incase it fails or even hand out some money to get The Hobbit started which is sure to make a crap load of the green stuff!

Source: Deadline

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