Mark Millar Reveals His Expectations For The Film Version Of NEMESIS!


We have just recently learned that Mark Millar's Nemesis is being made into a film, brought to us via Tony Scott.  Empire decided that they wanted to what Millar had in mind for this film, so they called him.  Thus in an interview with the Millar brings us his view of how this movie will be.  Here are some pieces of the interview.

This what he had to say about Tony Scott directing the film:

 Tony Scott is the ultimate comic book director who's never made a comic book movie", says Millar.  "For fifteen years people have been asking him to [make a comic book movie], but he's turned it all down because the material never really excited him.  The one thing you can't say about Tony's stuff is that it's not family-friendly, safe fun.  He's never going to do a Fantastic Four or a Spider-man.  But the minute he saw something with Air Force One being taken down, the President being taken hostage and Japanese skyscrapers falling down, it began to look more like a Tony Scott movie.

You couldn't make a movie like this any cheaper that $150 million.

Sounds good.  And who would Millar like to see playing the main roles in this film?

With Nemesis you've got two great roles for two A-list stars", he says.  "The thing is, one guy has to be as the other.  You've got Holmes versus Moriarty here or Batman versus The Joker, so each one has got to be a $20 million actor, really.  I think you could go for the A+ list and get Johnny Depp as Nemesis and Brad Pitt as Blake Morrow.

That seems like a pretty big order to fill.  Here's his answer to JD as the villian:

When I was writing the comic, I genuinely saw Johnny Depp as Nemesis", explains Millar.  "He's a thin faced guy, slightly creepy, a cross between Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, and someone who could pull off both of those things at the same time is Depp.  He would get it.  He goes slightly crazy in his roles.

Convinced me.  Why Pitt?:

He's Commissioner Gordon meets Sherlock Holmes, so it's got to be a big physical policeman who you feel could stand up for himself in a physical fight", says Millar.  " It's got to be somebody who can take a punch.  You couldn't really get anybody who's too cerebral.  He'd have to be a very physical actor so it would need to be a Pitt.  Or maybe even a Liam Neeson.

I know that actors aren't the only factor that makes a movie fun to watch, but I would like to see that combo of any of these three actors in an action movie together.  I also like the fact that Millar had actors in mind while making the comic.  Now that we know what his vision is, I am really excited to see what the final project is.  Just because Millar is thinking of it this way does not mean that Scott is on the same page.  We will have to just wait and see.  Until next time, waiting sucks, but let us know what you think.

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