Horror Film SHROOMS Gets The 3D Sequel Treatment

Movieby brians

Ok, so there wasn't a lot of fans scampering out to see the horror film Shrooms a few years back, personally I liked it.  Well good news for the chosen few that did like it, according to Variety Vertigo Films(Monsters) has put the 3D sequel on it's slate along with another 3D horror film called A Night in the Woods.

Shrooms 3D is in the very early stages but the shingle will co-produce the sequel with Irish production outfit, Treasure Entertainment, which produced the 2007 instalment.

Heads up on the shingle's upcoming offerings, they have several 3D films in the works but not all will be in the burnt out 3D treatment! 

We'll have more on this cool sequel and the other films from Vertigo and if you haven't seen the first one go find it or you can buy it below.




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