Paramount Pictures has acquired the film rights to a cool coffee table book from Heavy Metal Publishing called Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. We've included some details of the book as well as some awesome art work from it that you can check out below!

LMS is a giant art-filled book that will be adapted into a graphic novel and have a presence online as well, before it hits the big screen. 

The property centers on a bounty hunter named Gabriel, created by a weapons organization to be part of its army of Paladins, “a soldier with the talent of 500 soldiers.” After being framed and sent to prison, he escapes and enters the world of New Amerika, filled with genetically enhanced shark-men, ninjas and burlesque girls, as he tries to unravel the reason behind his set-up.

Scott Aversano will produce the project along with the book's creator, Daniel LuVisi. Peter Levin, Russell Binder and Stephan Lokotsch will executive produce.

Heavy Metal describes the book as follows:

LMS (Last Man Standing) tells the story of Gabriel, the last living Paladin soldier. Genetically engineered, he is a warrior of supernatural strength, anointed as the guardian of Amerika and its people. Admired and celebrated by most, Gabe?s world takes a sudden turn when he finds himself framed by the terrorist group Pandemonium, for a series of atrocious crimes he had no part in. For these alleged crimes, Gabriel is sent to the treacherous Level-9 Prison Facility and incarcerated with the very scum he helped put away. After nine years of torture and agony, the once famed hero kills his captors and escapes the 9 levels of hell he has been condemned to. From here on forward, Gabriel embarks on a journey into the heart of darkness; the New Amerika, a world filled with colorful and deadly characters that will either help or try to eliminate him ? neither of which attitude is always transparent. As the once invincible hero digs deep to unravel the true reason behind his framing, he also discovers a problem he never had to face before: He’s dying; and quickly.

The artist and creator of the the book explains the story to Deadline:

As for the entire series, it’s a story of mine I’ve been crafting over the past two and a half years. I want it to be a graphic novel series, but start it in a non-traditional type way. Where most comics start off with a first issue, this starts off with a 230-page bible of a book, Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, that sets up the entire universe of the LMS world. But not only that, the audience gets an incredibly deep perspective on the protagonist, Gabriel, and what his plans are now that he’s escaped from Level-9.

Check out some more awesome images from the book below! This looks like it could make for a pretty awesome and visually stunning film!

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