What does Lucas have Planned for THE STAR WARS STORIES PROJECT

Back in 2009 at Comic-Con Star Wars fans were called upon to share their cherished Star Wars memories. This is described as an "unique opportunity to become a part of the Star Wars universe by contributing to Lucasfilm's own historical archive." Fans were encouraged to tell their stories of Star Wars geekdom through video testimonials. 

The project is called The Star Wars Stories Project, and it will continue this month at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida.

Soliciting movie memories and fan nostalgia, the Stories Project is an ongoing initiative dedicated to chronicling the fan experience by inviting fans - young and old - to share their own anecdotes, missives and personal experiences through video testimonials. All four days of the convention, fans will have the opportunity to have their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, to tell their story as only they can tell it.

The question is, what does George Lucas have planned for this project? Out friends at /Film suggest that this will be Lucas' response to the most recent anti-Lucas documentary The People vs. George Lucas. This Star Wars project wasn't born until after they got wind of The People vs. George Lucas doc. I seriously doubt that Lucas is going to lock all the Star Wars fan videos up never to be seen. What would be the point of that? Unless Lucas is just going to watch all of them to make him feel better about himself. This whole project has got to be part of a new Star Wars documentary that he wants to make.

There is no solid confirmation of what these fan videos will be used for, so we are left to speculate. My best guess is they are creating a documentary as a special feature to add onto the Star Wars Blu-ray release when it eventually happens. 

If you want to be a part of it complete this form to reserve a timeslot during the event; a representative will contact you to schedule your 15-minute appointment.

So what do you all think Lucas is going to do with these videos?

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