Indie Spotlight: Debbie Rochon Joins The Cast Of 'MEDIATRIX'- Based On A True Story!

Movie Horror by brians

Scream Queen and my present day man-child crush Debbie Rochon has joined the cast of Mediatrix.After reading through the plot details you can head over to find out ways you can help with this project, this is beciming more and more popular with getting films made right now so here's another chance for you. There are cool perks!

Mediatrix” is the latest film by writer/director Cory J. Udler (Incest Death Squad 1 &2, Demon Haunt, Astro Zombies M3: Cloned).
It is the story of Mary Van Hook, who after a life of divorce, casual sex, violence and spiritualism has started to experience visitations from The Virgin Mary. Through her “visits”, Mary Ann finds that her “visitations” can lead her to her ultimate goal-power over people.
Based on a true story, “Mediatrix” will prove to be Udler’s darkest and most primal film yet.


Visit if you'd like to help out, there are cool perks to helping out!

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