Awesome Collection of Comic Book Superhero/Supervillain Poster Art!!

ArtComic BookMovie by Joey Paur

Hey Gang! I have a great collection of geek poster art to share with you today that I know your going to love! These posters were created by artist Mark Grambau. This is a fantastic looking series of posters inspired by our favorite comic book characters both heroes and villains. Hopefully some prints of these will go up for sale. I'd buy them!

Artist Bio:

Mark Grambau is a graphic designer and illustrator living near Boston, and he got the great idea to draw those awesome super-heroes and super-vilains posters. He worked in a graphic design firm, a publishing house, an insurance company, and now work as a Junior Graphic Designer for Vistaprint, a major international printing and marketing company.

Make sure to check out the artists Behance portfolio and his website. Enjoy the posters! After checking them out tell us what you think!

Thanks to GT writer Ben P for the tip!

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