Daniel Radcliffe to take a Role in JAY AND SETH VS. THE APOCALYPSE?

So what's Daniel Radcliffe going to do now that Harry Potter is completed? I honestly don't think He'll have any problems finding work. He is already confirmed to star in Hammer Films' The Woman in Black, and now it's being reported that he may end up taking a role in Seth Rogan and Jay Baruche's Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse

Rogen and Baruchel have said they want Radcliffe to be in the film, and the actor has expressed interest.
Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse is a horror-comedy that was formerly a film school project created by Rogen and Baruchel. They've been talking about turning into a feature film for some time now.

There's no official confirmation of Radcliffe being involved with the project yet, but it sounds like he's definitely interested. We can only hope this movie finally goes into production, this will make for a great comedy! It all depends on everyone's schedule, so who knows when this film is actually going to get made.

I think it will be awesome to see Radcliffe take a role in the film.

Here's the original short film in case you haven't seen it yet.

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