Hear the First Single from Small Black's NEW CHAIN

Musicby Wejo

New Chain, the debut LP from Small Black, will release via Jagjaguwar on October 25 in the US and October 26 in the UK. The label released released the album's first single, "Photojournalist," which you may download here.

"The song begins with a lilting sliding beat before dropping into a gorgeous moment of ambient wash. As the lyrics kick in with lead singer Josh Kolenik repeating the refrain "rise up again, like a ghost" the song does just that, growing more concrete in form as Josh's vocals strengthen, are supported by a chorus, and drums come up in the mix. Layers are added until the song hits maximum velocity only to disappear even quicker than it began."

After checking out the track, feel free to leave us a mini-review in the comments. 


1. "Camouflage"
2. "Search Party"
3. "Hydra"
4. "Photojournalist"
5. "Crisp 100s"
6. "Goons"
7. "Light Curse"
8. "New Chain"
9. "Panthers"
10."Invisible Grid"

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