Life Like edible Popsicle Handguns!

HumorRant by Joey Paur

It's just so weird to me looking at that kid in the picture above shoving a handgun in his mouth, it just looks wrong on so many levels. Don't worry though! The kid's not going blow his head off because the gun is a freakin' popsicle!

In 2003, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth placed about 50 handgun replicas in downtown Frankfurt. The guns were made from tinted ice, making them look real at first sight.

In 2009 they did a new edition of their Freeze! project but made the guns eatable by using coke, licorice, cherry and food coloring.

Of course I want one! Don't you? It's hot outside, and it would be fun to go running around with it in the street with a bunch of cops around.

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