Shia Labeouf Talks INDIANA JONES 5 And Yes, He's returning As Mutt

George Lucas is going to write Indiana Jones 5 the way he,  Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford want to see the character done, it's not for the haters out there but for the fans who went to see the last Indy film and enjoyed it. Even though there was some cheesy spots in it and they used modern day effects mixed with 30 year old effects which some people didn't like the film was still great and true to the character and legend. I love it when the haters get all bent out of shape!

Lucas and Spielberg insist they’re going to make an Indiana Jones 5. I for one liked Indy 4, hey you haters!

Shia LaBeouf  tells ShowBizSpy he'll return as Mutt and that he’s talking to Spielberg about the script.



Labeouf says,

“They’re script writing right now… I got called into Steven’s office and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool.”


Source: Cinema Blend

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