EUREKA Gets Renewed For Season 5!

TVSyfyby brians

America's smartest little town, Eureka is one of my favorite shows and guess what people, it's been renewed for a fifth season! Blastr reports that Syfy Executive Vice Pres of Original Programming, Mark Stern has announced that the light-hearted, quirky sci-fi show has been picked up for a fifth season all while it's right in the middle of a season four run.

With the addition of BSG alum James "Baltar" Callis as Dr.Trevor Grant, add the whole time travel/time line mix up storyline and the crossovers with Warehouse 13 the show seems to just be getting better.

this season has seen so many guest star dropping by and will have many more such as Stan Lee, Matt Frewer, Ming-Na, Jaime Ray Newman, Chris Parnell, Felicia Day and Ed Quinn will be reprising his role as Nathan Stark. (I told y'all he'd be back)

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