Hanging With The GHOSTBUSTERS 8/21/2010

                                                          Who you gonna call?

So this weekend has been a lot of fun and on Saturday, August 21st I got to participate in a fun event, a night with the Ghostbusters! This particular event was held at the Alabama Theatre and the Alabama and Georgia Ghostbusters were in attendance, so many in fact they haven't had a full head count. What these great people do for charity and many great causes is just very humbling, we all could take lessons and learn a lot from these groups!

My pal Brock Parker and The Alabama Ghostbusters are still raising funds so the can get their own Ecto-1 aka Project Ecto, hey they're Ghostbusters so they need this ride! We all can help out a little by going and donating. These guys do so much for the community and charities that they deserve their own Ecto-1 and I'm really wanting to drive it when they get it so let's help what we can Army!

No matter what state you live in you probably have a Ghostbusters chapter near you so look them up and join the fun. I thought I'd share a few pictures with the Army today so check them out!

                      *Some of the cool Ghostbusters and me*

                      *Here's many of the Ghostbusters but it wasn't all of them!*

Visit the Alabama Ghostbusters site

Visit the Alabama Ghostbusters Facebook page

Visit the Georgia Ghostbusters site

Visit the Georgia Ghostbusters Facebook page

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