Hayao Miyazaki to Develop Sequel to PORCO ROSSO

It looks like acclaimed Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki is going to develop his first feature film sequel. In an interview with Cut Magazine, the director reveals that he's come up with a sequel to his 1992 film Porco Rosso, which tells  the story of an Italian World War I fighter pilot who was transformed into a pig by a magical curse. The English language release featured Michael Keaton in the lead role.

The sequel to the film will be called Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie, and it will be set during the Spanish Civil War. He goes on to say it should be a very interesting film, and also had this to say in the interview,

"I'm not thinking about a movie of a girl."

“I think that I must think about only a movie of a boy.”

“I do not need to make a movie if it is not a tragic story of a boy.”

“So I want to escape to Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie. I have all its materials.”

"If next two films succeed and [studio president Toshio] Suzuki-san lets me make it (Porco) while saying, 'It cannot be helped because it's a hobby of the old man', I'm happy. It's my hobby."

I absolutely loved Porco Rosso, and I'm actually very excited to see what Miyazaki has planned for this sequel. It's just such a fun strange adventure story. I also am blown away by the art and animation of the film. Miyazaki is just such a talented director.

Here is the trailer for the original film for those of you that need a refresher:

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