Atari to Resurrect Neverwinter Nights as MMO

Neverwinter Nights, Atari's classic D&D RPG, will soon be on the cusp of everyone's lips again. The company announced today plans to re-launch the franchise as an MMORPG in 2011. What they didn't say, however, was if it would be free-to-play a la their Dungeons & Dragons Online

The new version of NN will be developed by Cryptic Studios, who also developed City of Heroes and Star Trek Online. The only thing known in regards to the story is that several factions are battling for control of Neverwinter after the previous Lord passes away. Oh, also, there will be undead brought on by a "spellplague" of some sort, which is apparently ripped from actual D&D lore. Before finding out it was tied to the source material, I was this close to making "oh, another zombie game" joke. 

Given that Cryptic has enlisted Wizards of the Coast and R.A. Salvatore to help with the game, it will likely be an experience die-hard D&D fans will enjoy.  Here’s hoping a descendent of the robust quest creator featured in the first Neverwinter makes an appearance in the final product.  

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