Concept Artist Neville Page Teases J.J. Abrams SUPER 8 Creature Design

Neville Page is a conceptual artist that has worked on designs for films such as Star Trek, Cloverfield, Piranha 3D and TRON: Legacy. In a recent interview with Wired he teased information about the creature design in the Steven Speilberg produced, J.J. Abrams Directed film, Super 8.

He doesn't give any major details, but he does reveal that he was asked to design the creature after the teaser trailer was released. So when they made that teaser trailer they had no idea what this creature/alien was going to look like.

When that door blows open. It's the ultimate reveal. It's Elvis or something.

Page also revealed that Abrams won't entirely use CGI to bring the monster to life on the big screen, that he will actually use some old school practical effects which is always awesome to see in this day and age.

I'll bet you anything there's going to be a rubber something or other at some point.

I love what I am hearing and seeing from this film! Check out the full interview below and let us know what you think!

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