"Shimply Shocking" DC Turns Down JAMES BOND Comic

In this week's edition of COMIC BOOK LEGENDS REVEALED, we see that waaay back in 1963, DC regrettably forgot about their ability to produce a JAMES BOND comic book.  And the character would have looked like Sean Connery.  It seems that a comic adaptation of the first Bond movie, Dr. No, was made for a British company, who then gave it to DC to use in the United States.  They didn't promote it very well, blah blah blah, the movie was a huge hit later in the year.  Everyone had forgotten this thing even existed!

DC did not do anything with the option and seemed to have forgotten about it, even as the Bond films became international smashes throughout the 1960s. Finally, with the option set to expire in 1972, DC seriously considered doing a comic book based on Bond (hoorah! wait...awww.), but with Sean Connery announcing he was leaving the series (sheeya later, schkaliwags!), they decided against it (dumbasses.).

What would the world be like if a James Bond comic had become reality?  Would he have solved villainous plots alongside Batman, or perhaps joined The Spirit in a "time-travel gone wrong" scenario?  Would the comic still be published today?!?  So many questions, Tyrants, and here I am, without the answers...

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