Exclusive: The Upcoming Horror Film KODIE Gets A Companion Comic- Introducing 'WITCHERY AND FUR'!

We all have movies we look forward to seeing, one horror film I've been patiently waiting for is Abel Berry's Kodie which will have it's premiere at DOA Blood Bath 2 Film Fest on November 13th in Dallas, Texas.

Kodie was written and directed by Berry and produced by Andrew Rose, Jennifer Stone and Justin Powers. The film stars Jayson Champion, Jennifer Stone, Alan Rowe Kelly, Parrish Randall, Jay Dela Rosa, Michael McGibson, Alexys Zahn, Jake Stone, James Furey, Christian Berry, Andrea Schweers, Amanda Fine and Randall McMillan.  Check out our exclusive image at the companion comic after the jump along with the trailer and a special sneak peak from Kodie.


David, a paranormal investigator, has come to a point in his life where everything he cares about is being ripped away in domestic turmoil. He soon finds himself and his team caught in a world of an enraged murderous little girl named Kodie in the form of a Teddy bear. Set forth by a witches curse, She rips,eats,dismembers and lays waste to the abusive hearts of the town, leaving them in a pool of red chaos and mangled corpses.

.... Now they must free themselves from the torment of Kodie's ruthless brutal Hell....


Moving right along, we come to Witchery and Fur, which will be the companion comic to Kodie and will be released in December after the films debut. The comic is illustrated by Jerem Morrow. More on Morrow at the bottom!

Producer Andrew Rose had a little inside info to go along with the illustrated image from Witchery and Fur sharing this with me;

"This panel from the comic shows a young boy.  In the film, in this particular scene he has just witnessed a most horrific deed and is in shock as he recites a nursery rhyme.  The young boy is played by Christian Berry."



Here's a bloody little bonus for you horror fans, it's a toy from Kodie's lair! Looks kinda played with and all bloody huh, like feeding time maybe?  Makes you wonder how the rest of the lair looks like and of course where the heck the blood came from!

Now if this hasn't been enough to quench your Kodie bear-like thirst head on over to B. S. Entertainment's site  and watch 'Bear With Us' which serves as a lead in to Kodie but with a slightly more comedic theme. I've watched all of them and they are hilarious and even have a few guest appearances, all with a little dark ending added to the mix. Go see for yourself!


Like the artwork of Jerem Morrow?  You can find him and his work at these stops!



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