Sam Worthington Cast in Australian Surfing Drama called DRIFT

Sam Worthington has been cast in the lead role of a new surfing drama shooting in Perth Australia called Drift. The movie will track the rise of surfing in Australia and globally.

I love surfing! I go out and surf the waves of Southern Cal as much as I can. I am also very interested in the history of the sport, and I know a lot about it. I'm not sure how far back in history they will go but surfing was introduced to Australia in the year 1915 by Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku.

In an interview with West Australia Worthington said,

I'm a [Western Australian] boy at heart and to go back there and put something back into my home town is something I am really looking forward to. There's something pure and true about surfing, and there is something pure and true about this script.

I'm always up for a good surfing flick, and I haven't seen one made in awhile. Most of the recent films have been a few great documentaries, but I'd love to see a good movie like this. 

Worthington will play a photographer and journalist whose instrumental in the evolution of surfing from a pastime into a global industry, as local surf wear manufacturers like Rip Curl and Billabong grow into iconic global brands. 

The film will be made on a budget of $11 million bucks, and will be directed by Morgan O'Neill and Ben Nott. They will shoot the film  during the next Australian autumn so they can capture some of the bigger waves on film. They might even end up shooting during the Margaret River Pro surfing event.

I hope this ends up being a good film. It definitely has my interest. 

It was also recently reported that Worthington will play Dracula in Alex Proyas' Dracula: Year One.

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