DOCTOR WHO Games Coming For DS And Wii

TVGameTyrantby LiamK

The TARDIS is materializing on Nintendo's game systems, according to The Escapist.  A Doctor Who game is being released for Nintendo DS, followed by a game for the Wii, and the titles suggest the storylines are connected.

"The DS game is entitled  Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth, and the Wii release will be called  Doctor Who: Return to Earth. Both games take place during the latest season of the show, with  Evacuation Earth revolving around an attack by the deadly Daleks.  Return to Earth, which presumably is a follow-up to the DS game, features the robotic Cybermen. The story of both games is being written with the help of the show's production team, and you will be able to play as both the Doctor and his human companion, Amy."

A release date of October 29 has been set for the UK and Australia.  The US seems to be left out--probably due to the the fact that the show isn't as mainstream over here and there are a lot of production costs involved, but as the article points out, Amazon UK should be able to hook you up.


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