James Wan to Adapt NIGHTFALL Graphic Novel for the Big Screen

Director James Wan, the co-creator of the Saw franchise, has signed on to develop the film adaptation of the the graphic novel Nightfall. The film is in coproduction with with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s Platinum Studios and William Stuart’s Aurora Productions.

The story follows a man who is sentenced to time in a prison that is run by vampires. The comic was published in 2001 and created by Scott O. Brown and artist Ferran Xalabarder.

Wan had this to say about the project:

The minute I heard the concept, I was in. Reading the graphic novel cemented that. Like Saw, it’s a simple concept that, if executed properly, will be so cool.

This story definitely has the potential to be a fun and cool movie! I'm actually looking forward to seeing this flick get made. As far as Wan directing the film I think he'll do a great job! He also directed films such as Death Sentence and Dead Silence. He will be able to bring a great look and atmosphere to this film.

Here is a short description of the graphic novel:

When industrious, right-wing survivalist David Paxton is sent to a tough Texas prison, he has no idea that it's secretly run by vampires using the inmates to feed on. Now, Paxton's one hope of escape is a desperate prison riot and an uneasy alliance with a ruthless killer named Robbart.

What do you all think about seeing this movie being adapted for the big screen?

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