Update on BRUCE VS. FRANKENSTEIN and why Bruce Campbell is so Awesome

Movie Bruce Campbell by Joey Paur

In a recent interview with MTV Bruce Campbell offered a little update on his film Bruce Vs. Frankenstein which is a sequel to My Name is Bruce. He reveals the shooting of the film has been delayed because of his work on Burn Notice.

We were hoping to do it during the middle of this break in my 'Burn Notice' TV schedule but I'm making a 'Burn Notice' TV movie instead about my character. It's a prequel movie about how Sam Axe got stuck in Miami. So we had to push ['Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.'] Hopefully we'll do it during the next break.

He goes on to talk about what he wants out of the movie,

...basically I want every horror movie icon in the movie. I want it to be the 'Mad, Mad, Mad World' of horror movies. 

Sounds like it will be a fun movie to watch. If you're a fan of Bruce Campbell then you really can't go wrong. He such a fun actor to watch up on the screen.

As far as if we'll see him in any future Sam Raimi movies he said,

Sam's got so many things up in the air that I just wait until something settles. Then I'll give him an obnoxious phone message saying 'Come on, where's my part jerk?' and then hang up.

I'm sure we'll see Raimi and Campbell work together again, it's just a matter of what that project will be and when. MTV then asked him why he is so awesome, here was his response.

Well now it's because of longevity. I refuse to go away. I think that's probably it. I'm the guy at the party who, you look around and you go, 'God, that guy's still here?'

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