3D SPIDER-MAN Coming to Your Home without 3D Glasses

Sony is currently working on 3D televisions that don't require you to wear 3D glasses! I've heard about this technology being developed. It's gotta be pretty tripping watching something in 3D without wearing 3D glasses, but I guess anything is possible these days. 

The Associated press reports that Sony Pictures is actually planning a 3D home release for Marc Webb's upcoming Spider-Man 3D reboot. 

Sony said it will start selling in Japan next month two films and two music videos in 3-D, and planned home software of 3-D theater releases, including a 3-D "Spider-Man" opening in 2012.

I can only imagine that if this technology works and becomes successful we will see a lot of other films being released in to the homes of people who will be able to afford this 3D TV that doesn't require glasses. I'm sure James Cameron's Avatar will be among the first.

What do you all think about the glassless Tv 3D technology? Will you but into it?

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