Hack vs. Snack: Guns + Popsicles = Gunsicles

Humorby bobneek

With temperatures soaring into the extremely uncomfortable highs, nothing reminds you more of trying to beat the heat than guns. Well, maybe Popsicles. Combine the two and you'll be headed for the ultimate cooldown. Two guys did just that and their frozen art will blow your mind! (Pun absolutely intended).

Back in 2003, German artists Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth left 50 handgun replicas made from tinted ice scattered around downtown Frankfurt. The guns were shiny and looked real at first. They cleverly titled the project "Freeze!".

Six years later their ice guns (now edible) were on display and available for consumption. The guns get their color from Coke, licorice, and food coloring.

I always dreamed of the two mega forces of guns and Popsicles combining, but never thought I would see the day. Thank you Florian and Valentin!


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