3 Directors in the Running for FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Revealed

This last week has been fun of Fantastic Four movie reboot potential casting news, now we have the names of three directors who are currently in the running to direct the unwanted remake. 

According to CBM Twentieth Century Fox isn't far from hiring a director for the film, and as of right now the job could go to one of these three filmmakers:

Joe Carnahan, the director of Smokin' Aces and most recently The A-Team.  I'd be interested in seeing Carnahan's vision of the superhero team, I loved The A-Team. At least it would be over the top fun action.

David Yates, the man behind the respected Harry Potter films Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows Part 1 & Part 2. I'd also like to see Yates take on the film because he knows how to tell a solid story.

James Mcteigue, brought us films such a V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin. Not really interested in what he would bring to the table. Ninja Assassin sucked, and I think The Wachowski's had more of an impact on directing V For Vendetta than he did. 

All of these director have their own unique film making style that could bring something new and different to the franchise. The question is what type of Fantastic Four movie do you want to see? As you know I'm not that excited for this reboot, and it doesn't seem like many of you are either. But, out of the 3 candidates who would you like to see directed the Fantastic Four reboot?

According to CBM, "The current screenplay for the Fantastic Four reboot tells a more dramatic tale of Marvel's first superhero family, and will introduce audiences to a bevvy of characters not yet seen on film. Two characters from the previous franchise that will, at this point, make appearances (besides the central four heroes) are Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer; though I am unsure as to the extent of their roles. If all goes according to plan, The next Fantastic Four film will begin filming next spring in 3D, as apposed the the now-standard post conversion process. Fox is tentatively looking at a summer, 2012, release for the film."

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