DVD Review: NINJAS VS ZOMBIES -Kicks Ass While Having A Fun Time!

Ninjas Vs Zombies, you have heard correctly my friends! What director Justine Timpane and company has brought us is a fun indie film buddy flick, it makes me think of Hot Tub Time Machine or The Hangover, you know those kind of films but this one has ninjas and zombies in it! Why'd I compare those you ask? Because the cool buddy flicks always follow these friends and they are getting into things way over there heads and you watch and wonder if they'll get out of this mess or not.

The film follows some friends Kyle (Daniel Ross),Cole (Cory Okouchi), Randell (Dan Guy), Lily (Carla Okouchi), Fitz (Daniel Mascarello), Anne (Melissa McConnell), Kara (Tara Leigh Moore) who find out an old friend Eric (PJ Megaw) has risen from the grave and is in full bad guy mode now.  He's going around sucking souls out so our friends take it amongst themselves to battle the evil unleashed. Will they win? you'll haveto check it out for that answer!

Ninjas Vs Zombies has laugh out loud comedy done the sarcastic way, then mix in  martial arts with swords and all that ninja stuff, add some magic and just the right amount of special fx including the cool make up fx and you have a fun film to watch, a fun buddy film (I told you in the beginning!). The one liners are great!

Really the only thing missing with this is I wished our guys would have ninja'd up earlier but I do understand you have to lead into that part of the story.

This is a great cheesy sci-fi/horror/action/comedy to recommend to anyone wanting to watch a movie and have a good time with it. It's one of those movies you sit around with your friends and watch! So what's next you ask? These guys are bringing us Ninjas Vs Vampires next! Oh, heck yeah bring it on!


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