The Pacific Producer bringing THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY to the Big Screen in 3D

HBO's The Pacific is sure to take home a good amount of Emmy Awards tonight in the miniseries catagorey. One of the writers/producers of the show Bruce C. McKenna is ready to take a leap into film with Warner Bros. He will be bringing the World War II story of The Battle of Midway to the big screen in 3D. Deadline reports,

The studio has made a preemptive buy of The Battle of Midway, a McKenna pitch for a 3D film about the June 4-6, 1942, turning point of the war. I'm told the studio bought the pitch late last week, and that it is being fast tracked, with McKenna expected to turn in a script in 8 weeks for a film that will likely carry a price tag around $200 million.

So the studio is really setting this up for a big epic film! $200 million! Thats still a lot of money to make a movie. The Battle of Midway took place six months after the demoralizing surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. When it was over, the supremacy of the Imperial Japanese Navy was lost along with 4 of its aircraft carriers and 1 heavy cruiser. The Japanese never recovered.

I'm really excited for this movie! I love World War II film and the Battle of Midway is a amazing story to tell. This is what I hoped Peter Berg's Battleship would be like, but then he had to throw aliens into the mix. There will be no aliens in this story. This is going to be straight from the pages of history to the big screen, and it's going to be epic! It will be interesting to see who they bring in to direct and star in the film.

This won't be the first movie made about this WWII event, there was a great film made back in 1942 of the same name that was directed by John Ford which won the Oscar for Best Picture. The film used actual battle footage that was shot by the Navy. Then in 1976 Charlton Heston starred in a film with Henry Fonda and James Coburn called Midway. 

What do you think about The Battle of Midway being brought back to the Big Screen with a big budget?


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