Jason Rietman to Direct Charlize Theron in YOUNG ADULT Written By Diablo Cody

Jason Rietman (Up in the Air, Juno) will be directing a new film based on a script written by Diablo Cody, called Young Adult. This will be the second film that Rietman and Cody team up on to develop. They both worked on the indie comedy hit Juno, which Cody won and Oscar for.

Deadline reports that Charlize Theron is also attached to the film. She will play "a ghostwriter of young adult novels who realizes she has no identity with her pseudonym and plots to reclaim her identity. Her campaign involves going back and rekindling a relationship with her high school boyfriend--who's freshly married, is a new father, and wants no part of her. While she works on her plan, the ghostwriter reengages with high school acquaintances and their experiences in trying to carry out all those high school hopes and dreams that often get crushed by the realities of life."

Rietman is an extremely talented director that knows how to tell a great story on film. I imagine Rietman would only choose to make this film if the script was solid. I enjoyed Cody's Oscar winning Juno, but didn't care for Jennifer's Body. Young Adult sounds like it has the makings of an entertaining indie dramady.

As of right now the plan is to get the film into production on November 10th. 

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