Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper team up in a New Buddy Cop Film

Two of Hollywood's most popular actors right now, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds are attached to star in a new buddy cop action-comedy together. The story follows two friends, who are also San Francisco cops, whose fathers were once partners on the police force. The older generation is forced out of retirement to help their sons crack a case.

The untitled film was written by Up in the Air screenwriter Sheldon Turner, and he made a cool seven figures for the project. Not a bad pay day!

I think that Reynolds and Cooper will make a great team up on the big screen, they seem like they would be able to play off each other really well. THR reports that the "actioner is meant to have an updated Lethal Weapon flavor that plays into edgier R-rated territory." The two actors can both be incredibly funny guys so this should turn out being a pretty solid movie. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

What do you all think of Reynolds and Cooper teaming up for an action comedy cop film?


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