Stanley Tucci Talks about his Role of Dr. Abraham Erskine in CAPTAIN AMERICA


Earlier this summer it was reported that Stanely Tucci was cast as the character Dr. Abraham Erskine in Joe Johnson's highly anticipated film Captain America: The First Avenger. This is the character that actually creates the Super-Soldier serum that turns Steve Rogers into the physically perfect Captain America hero.

Tucci has recently been making the press rounds, and in an interview with ScreenCrave Tucci had this to say about the character he plays. 

When they asked me to play him initially I was like ‘Is that like a compliment or is that an insult? I don’t know?… I shot with Chris [Evans], and Dominic Cooper, and Tommy Lee Jones and Hayley Atwell. I love the role. It’s really well written. I’d never done anything like that before. I’ve always wanted to do a German accent. It’s so much fun. It’s really interesting. Very good script, great experience. I was shooting it in London and I go back in a month and a half.

He also talked to MTV and it seems like he really loves the look of the film,

Joe Johnston is a wonderful guy and I love the way he’s shooting it, it’s really interesting, it’s beautiful-looking There’s a real power to it and the design is stunning.

I love hearing good things about movies I'm really looking forward to! Tucci is a great and respected actor so I trust that what he's saying is true. I can't wait to see what this finished movie looks like!

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