Sigourney Weaver has been Contacted about GHOSTBUSTERS 3

As you know there's been a lot of talk about a new Ghostbuster 3 movie over the last year and half. It's happening, it isn't happening. Bill Murray keeps bashing on the idea, at the same time he's interested. Ivan Rietman is attached to direct, but the studio doesn't want him to. There is just a lot of messy details out there, that as of right now, no matter how bad we might want it, there seems to be nothing solidly set in stone for this movie. Except for the fact that Sigorney Weaver has been contacted about the movie.

Earlier this year she said that she was unsure about whether Ghostbuster 3 was actually going to happen, but apparently she's been talking to Reitman. In a recent interview she talks about a few ideas for the film that we've already heard, but also mentions that she's been contacted.

I've also been contacted, All I said was I really think my little boy Oscar, who went through that traumatic kidnapping, should be a ghostbuster. So I think that might happen.

As for what Oscar would be like in the film she describes him as being "grown up, and he'd be like Zach Galifianakis." Ummm, could you imagine Galifianakis taking on the role of Oscar? That would be so weird. I think Oscar would be around 20 years old now wouldn't he? So they would cast a younger actor that's like Galifinakis?

As far as where the movie currently stands she says,

They're working on the script. Ivan knows what he's doing, so let him work on the script.

She also adds that if the script isn't good then they won't do the movie. So here we are back to square one. You would think they'd have a completed script already. They've been working on it for a long ass time now. Maybe the just can't crack a good story.

What do you all think about this Ghostbuster 3 movie madness?

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