Watch this Rare Interview with Rod Serling as he Talks about Creating Science Fiction

Videos by Joey Paur

I love it when thing's like this just happen to pop up on YouTube! This is a rare 1970's never before seen interview with The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. In the video he is talking with sci-fi author James Gunn about his classic TV series, the stories he created and his thoughts on creating science fiction. It's really a great and interesting interview. 

Cause, see, I love science fiction, but I'm an aficionado, not a contributor, and I say this, you know, with no stupid, dumb, dumb humility at all. I'm am purely a Johnny-come-lately. I am perhaps the least scientifically knowledgeable man in the whole writing group, and I bow with great deference and respect to the real masters, you know, Asimov and Bob Heinlein and Sturgeon and all the rest of them. And these, of course, and yourself included, because you write pure science fiction. I can adapt science fiction I think quite adequately, but I can't create it on an original level.

YouTube Description:

In 1970 University of Kansas professor James Gunn interviewed a series of science fiction authors for his Centron film series "Science Fiction in Literature". This footage from an unreleased film in that series featuring an interview with Rod Serling, which wasn't finished due to problems with obtaining rights to show footage from Serling's work in television. This reconstruction is based on the original workprint footage that was saved on two separate analog sources since the audio track was separate. Re-syncing the footage was a long involved process as the audio track didn't match the film and there was substantial sync drift. While not perfect, there's a lot of interesting information on writing for television in the dialogue with Serling as well as a prophetic statement about his health at the beginning.

Watch the full interview below and let us know what you think! Rod Serling just seems like such a cool guy.


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