I just spotted a post from that contains excerpts from an interview with Fox Co-Chairmen and CEO's Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos.  Gianopulos' statement on X-Men Origins:  Wolverine leads one to believe that he hasn't learned a thing:

"We're proud of the film, and we're proud of Hugh Jackman's work in the film. I think one of the things that has always been a balancing act in the X-Men universe is we have this wonderful base of fans that are deeply immersed in the heritage of these characters, and then we have the civilians. And you have to make the property accessible to people who haven't experienced it. So you need to make certain adaptations, creatively, in order to open up the property a little bit. And that's where I think the fans feel that we missed a turn some place."

Apparently you can't make a comic movie that will appeal to mainstream audiences without taking liberties such as making Silver Fox and Emma Frost sisters and having Cyclops run around in a blindfold just to make sure he doesn't accidentally see Wolverine before the events depicted in the first X-Men movie. Right.

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